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As Does The Sun (太陽と同じように , lit. Just Like The Sun) is a historical fiction novel and war epic written and illustrated by Chris Thach. As Does The Sun began as a web novel before being republished as a novel and illustration series. It is now currently being adapted into a graphic novel series.


It is the waning months of the Second World War and Japan is nearing a total and absolute defeat. With millions slaughtered under its heel of conquest and three million of its own citizens dead, the ground drowns in blood as it cries out for no more war. In the ruins of Tokyo, a Japanese couple, the Yoshida family, counts the remaining days of the husband’s military leave before he is sent off for the final coming battle, Japan’s last stand at Okinawa. The husband is jaded, quiet, and weary of the long war that has taken so many lives. His wife, angered at the role her husband is forced to bear as a "flower of war", tries to hide her emotions and stay strong for their child too young to understand war. But she and her husband both know it is a fruitless exercise. Soon they would know death and only one of them would be left to remember. But at least for now in the quiet mornings, there is a semblance of peace. And in the charred ruins of their humble home they built together, they remember the cherish memories and the heartbreaking tragedies of the past few years of their lives.

But even so, there lingers an ever-present force that whispers a poem to their dead house. War, it casts a shadow of death upon the scorched earth as dreams of a swift victory die with the screams that echo for no more war. The ideals of honor fall silent as war wanes to the atrocities of bloody steel. For it is this madness of war that drives the desires of dark hearts. And yet despite this, emerging these long horrid years of murder and death, another desire comes forth, the faint hope for a grand peace...


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As fitting for a historical fiction war epic, As Does The Sun has a sizable and rich cast of characters, both fictitious and historical, running an array of detailed histories and, in the spirit of the story's central theme of human gray morality, complex and often contradicting personalities. Due to the nature of the series, it allows many of these characters their own fair share in the spotlight; they are also seen to grow and mature with the series, as it takes place over the course of one of the most salient and bloodiest times in modern human history.