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Cover of the graphic novel, As Does The Sun

“For as does the flowers that fall in the wind, so too must we fall. But as does the sun, so too must we rise.” - Story Quote

Welcome to the As Does The Sun WikiEdit

Welcome to the As Does The Sun Wiki, a database on important information pertaining to the historical war epic novel and graphic novel, As Does The Sun.

What is As Does The Sun?Edit

As Does The Sun is a historical-fiction graphic novel and book written and illustrated by Chris Thach set during the Second Sino-Japanese War and the Second World War. The story follows the point-of-view of the Japanese through the lives of ordinary soldiers and their families as they live to bare witness to one of the most salient and bloodiest periods in human history. This is a story that gives face to the tens of millions of dead known only as a number.

Latest activityEdit

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